Email Drip Campaigns? What You Should Know

If a person needs to hear something seven times in order for it to stick, an email drip campaign fills the bill. But generic emails won’t do the job.

NEW YORK – Email marketing is one of the most important tools agents can use to turn prospects into long-term real estate clients.

Drip campaigns refer to emails sent at regular intervals or ones triggered when a lead takes a particular action, such as filling an online form, replying or clicking a link. Drip campaigns can help agents re-engage with an otherwise dormant audience and form deeper relationships.

To make drip campaigns work, agents should separate the leads on their email list based on what each person needs. Buyers, for example, won’t be helped by information specific to sellers; and past buyers and sellers likely won’t want the same information as those currently in the market.

Agents need to determine how often they want to send emails to each specific segment in their list and how they plan to use event-driven triggers.

To create and send out drip marketing campaigns, agents can use tools like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

A good starting point is an agent’s most valuable segment – typically the people they’re most familiar with, such as previous clients. Agents should be mindful of the entire experience they’re creating for the people who receive the email. The should consider their journey – how they will likely react when they open each email and how the series of email messages relate to one another.

Each series of messages needs to achieve a specific goal. For potential first-time homebuyers, for example, agents should think about what their needs will be throughout that process and how to best provide guidance and information for each point in their journey.

Source: Realty Times (01/10/22) Sutphin, Ashley

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